The HHS choir to perform for the public


Hannah White

Choir students rehearse during class to prepare for their impending concert.

Addison Slie

While people everywhere are enjoying their day, the students of the HHS choir are spending countless hours preparing for their fall concert. The concert will be held on October 25 from 6:30 pm to 9:30 pm in the Huntsville High School auditorium. The students in choir have been preparing for the fall concert for months. Their director, Lauren Davis, has dedicated her time to helping each student individually get ready for the performance.

After every concert, the choir receives positive feedback from everyone that attends. People from around the community are astounded with their talent and the music they sing. The same is expected for the concert on the 25th.

“I’ve been to a choir concert at the high school. The music was really great. They really know what they’re doing up there. I expect this one to be great as well” said sophomore Jolie Smith.

“Our choir is preparing for the concert by going over our music every single day. We go over it countless times to memorize our music, and to watch our director and listen to any additional things she wants us to do with the pieces that we are singing,” said sophomore choir student Tyler Jameson.

Because the students have been working so hard, each and every one is very excited for the fall concert.

“I’m usually excited for the opportunity for the choirs to display their skill. This concert is no exception. Chorale is very good this year, and that’s because every student in that ensemble works. If they’re having trouble, they ask their section leader and come in after school,” said HHS choir director Lauren Davis.  “I can always trust that everyone in Chorale is giving me their full effort. That they will meet the skill expectations of the group. In Women’s Choir and Men’s Choir, students that are new quickly realize that there is an expectation that you will work and we will make something beautiful.”

Each choir student spends time in and out of school practicing their music to ensure that the concert is perfect. They sing each day to make sure they have the music memorized, and even go as far as getting extra help from their director, and their section leader to make themselves a better singer.

“I expect the concert to go very smoothly. We know the music well, and we really put our hearts into every song,” said junior Nicole Knickerbocker.

Working in and outside of school hours requires an enormous amount of motivation and dedication on the behalf of the students and teachers. Learning the notes and fine tuning sound is a constant process.

“It takes a really motivated person to be in choir. You have to honestly enjoy what you are learning and singing to really love choir. It isn’t what you expect once you first get into choir, not like singing with the radio to your favorite song.” said Jameson. “But you actually learn why notes are the way they are, the different types of music you can sing, and how voice parts can come and work together and blend to make a beautiful sound. You truly have to have to come to choir with a good attitude and a will to learn,”

The community is invited to come and support the Huntsville High School choir on October 25. The students and Ms. Davis are proud to show off their talent and would love for everyone to attend.