Students are looking forward to the upcoming Holiday Season


Annalecia Bullard

“I can’t wait for Thanksgiving because I love being with my whole family and telling stories as we stuff our faces with food,” junior, Allison Burt said.

Annalecia Bullard

The jack-o-lanterns and scary costumes are being put away, it is time to quickly get into the spirit of turkey stuffing and present wrapping.

“Halloween was really fun. I gave out candy to trick-or-treaters at Elkins, but now I’m ready for Thanksgiving! I love to eat,” sophomore, Tyler Jameson said.

Thanksgiving is coming soon, and the students are more than ready to get out for their upcoming Thanksgiving break. This year, Huntsville Independent School District’s break begins on November 21st, and ends on November 25th. The students, and faculty get a week to celebrate this time with their family, as well as travel.   

“For the Thanksgiving break I am going to College Station to be with my whole family, just like we do every year,” sophomore, Rebecca Alford said. “It’s really good to be with the ones you love on the holidays.”

Usually on the holidays, families have their own personal traditions they will do every year. Holiday traditions can be anything from wearing pajamas all day on Christmas day or watching a specific movie to get into the Christmas feeling.

“Every year, around Christmas, my family goes to Houston to find nice neighborhoods, then drive around looking at christmas lights that people put up,” Alford said.

Students are starting to get into the spirit of the holiday season, and are looking forward to many different things such as travel, and family traditions.