Huntsville Firefighters Serve


Peyton Carranza

Huntsville Fire Fighter, Donnie Smith takes supplies to fellow fire fighters during a traffic accident. “With all the training and school, it is very rewarding when you get to become a firefighter,” said Smith.

Peyton Carranza

   Many people don’t think about it, but firefighters play a vital role in the lives of many living in Huntsville. Donnie Smith is a firefighter in Huntsville at station 2, and has been serving for a little over a year now. “With all the training and school, it is very rewarding when you get to become a firefighter,” said Smith.

      To be a firefighter, it takes more skill and knowledge than some may realize. The job does not only center around fighting fires, but there is also so much more humanity that is involved in this line of work. Many firefighters can recall their first accident call from memory.

      “It was a motor vehicle accident. It was a big adrenaline rush,” said Smith.

Being a  first responder is a hard job to do, but with that comes some good times as well. Even with difficult calls, they still enjoy heart warming opportunities, and sometimes they even get calls that are way out of the ordinary.

    “We had a kitten stuck in a drain pipe under a concrete driveway, and we literally wound up cutting the concrete drive to get to the pipe. We cut the pipe close to the kitten and it crawled to us,” said Smith.

The job comes with a lot of responsibilities, and that means that it takes a certain type of mindset to be able to get through the tough jobs that they sometimes have to endure.

    “Learning how to keep mindset that it’s just a job, in other words, not taking work home with you, and knowing I didn’t put those people in that position I’m just there to help was important,” said Smith.

Smith works 24 hours and is off for 72 hours. Being able to work with his fellow firefighters under stressful conditions requires a special type of relationship. When they aren’t fighting fires, working accidents, or saving kittens, they build relationships by doing small things like playing basketball.

       “Start young don’t quit. It’s a lot of work, but it’s very rewarding,” said Smith.