Senior football player featured in KBTX magazine as one of this season’s players to watch

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Senior football player featured in KBTX magazine as one of this season’s players to watch

Rebecca Cade, Writer

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In June, KBTX magazine featured senior Huntsville high school football player, T’Vondre Sweat as being one of this season’s most watched players.

“I feel great about making something as big as this. We had to go to College Station to get the picture taken. Coach Southern was contacted by KBTX, he then asked me if I was up for it and we drove to College Station to get it done,” Sweat said.

        With his experience, he was an obvious choice to play as a defensive end. His coaches have high hopes for both him and his team.

“It is exciting for our program and team to have T’Vondre featured on the cover of the magazine.  He is also very deserving the honor as well. We expect their very best each week,” head football coach Rodney Southern said. “The expectation level is high for this team and we expect success.  We also expect them to carry themselves as champions both on and off the field.”

With the positive energy and good plays, the team had last year, both players and coaches expect to do well against future opponents this year.

“I feel like our players right now will do great this year, I have junior Briceon Hayes on the other side of me being a defensive end as well, so I feel us players mix in well together and we make a great team,” Sweat says. “Hopefully we will make the last year of my high school days count by making it to state and going deep in the playoffs.”

Sweat has been playing football ever since he was young and never stopped gaining experience and skill with every play he has made.

“When I was younger I used to play as a quarterback and a running back, my mom always told me that I would be a good football player, so I kept trying my hardest. My freshmen year I was first pick defensive end and stuck with it all through high school,” Sweat said.

His family and friends like are proud of T’Vondre’s hard work and excited to see what the hornet football team will accomplish in their 2018-2019 football season.

“My mom is really proud that I made something so big as being a part of this magazine cover, she put it all on her social media to let everyone know about my big moment. Everybody was happy and supportive about me making it,” Sweat said

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