Gallery walk introduces students to the Progressive Era

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Gallery walk introduces students to the Progressive Era

Leslie Bryant, Writer

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September 4th marked an important day in Elmer Miguel’s classroom. Miguel began a lesson on the Progressive Era and wanted to implement an activity that would bring more interest to the students and have a more interactive appeal for the young minds. Miguel used a gallery walk type of introduction for his students that would prove to be a successful approach to introducing a lesson in his classroom.
¨The gallery walk is a learning opportunity that I implement at the beginning of the unit to allow students to access prior knowledge,” Miguel explained.
Mr. Miguel’s entire purpose of doing this activity was for the students to have a different way of reviewing the Progressive Era reforms in the United States during the early 1900s.
“They will know immediately the things they need to learn and what they already know. The material is presented in a visual manner so that students can also use their problem-solving abilities during the learning process,” Miguel said.
Using different methods in a classroom to help create interest for students and get them up and moving is a goal that most teachers aspire to have, and the gallery walk method is one more tactic that can be used. A gallery walk is similar to a scavenger hunt where information and clues are hung around the room or along the hallways. Students are required to get up out of their seats and search for the answers to questions.
“I felt the Gallery Walk was a different way of reviewing without basically sitting in the classroom and going over the whole Progressive Era. I really liked having to get out of my seat and do it by myself,” junior Yovanny Flores said.

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