Art teacher and softball coach Guerra begins a new year

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Art teacher and softball coach Guerra begins a new year

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Many new teachers have joined the staff this year at the high school, and one of them being Danielle Guerra who teaches art and is the assistant softball coach.
“I prepare my art students by laying our down our foundation using the elements of art, so they understand the more complex antics of art. For softball, I emphasize the importance of attitude, good sportsmanship, and effort, the team spent the first week doing team building activities and getting to know one another. I think we have already made great progress within our softball players,” Guerra said.
Before coming to Huntsville, Guerra taught and coached at A&M Commerce.
“I chose HHS because I love the staff members I met prior to the beginning of school, I also love how involved the school is with the community, “Guerra said. “This is my second year second year as an assistant softball coach and art teacher,” Guerra continued.
Guerra pushes her students to do their best work, and the students have already taken notice to the expectations she has and are happy with her methods.
“She is encouraging us to push ourselves, like when we are in the weight room adding weight, or in the classroom making good grades and having good behavior,” junior Madeline Knapp said.
By pushing her students, Guerra hopes to help her students grow. She wants students to push themselves beyond their normal limits to achieve greater things.
“My goal for my softball team is to continually grow, physically, mentally and emotionally. My goal for my art students is to teach them the importance of art, and the benefits that you can develop from it,” Guerra said.
“I think she will help the art department because she is very hands on, loves to help us, and she helps us improve on our artistic ability,” sophomore Rachel Meadows said.
“With the new softball coach, it has already had an impact on the team, we are all open to learning more and getting better this year. The coaches are doing a great job of encouraging teamwork and good attitudes on and off the field,” junior Madeline Knapp said.
Guerra has been working directly with the new head coach to incorporate new strategies and expectations for the team this year.
“Practice has changed drastically. We are doing a lot more drills, fielding and hitting wise, while working on fundamentals,” junior Madeline Knapp said.
Guerra admits that a team is only as good as the students they have and Huntsville, whether playing softball or sitting in the classroom, is full of great students.
“I have a group of great softball players and art students, and I believe they’re destined for great things,” Guerra said.

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