Marching band competes at Pre-UIL


Hayley Ulrey and Rebecca Cade, Writer

The Huntsville Military Marching Band, HMB, attended Pre-UIL on Saturday, Oct. 6th in Galena Park. The band was able gain insight and constructive criticism on their marching progression prior to UIL contest. HMB ranked in the middle of the 5A school category.
“I was kind of nervous about the performance, but at the same time I was really excited to go,” freshman Jerry Miller said.
Most of the upperclassmen felt confident in the drill they had been putting together for the past three months.
“I feel good about our ability to perform. If we focus and are confident in our abilities, we will do great,” senior Triniti Singleton said.
HMB has been working on their march since early August, consistently adding pieces to their routine and Pre-UIL was the first time performing the entire drill.
“When I was walking into the stadium I was kind of nervous, but I tried not to focus on that and just focus on marching. At the end of the drill I was happy with how we did. All in all, we did pretty good,” Miller said.
In general, most of the band thought they performed well and would be ready for the UIL competition soon.
“I think we did good, a few people missed turns here or there and I saw one person turn early, but other than that it looked good. I just hope that when the scores come back they are better than I think rather than worse,” sophomore Madison Gospel said.