Juniors tours Sam Houston State University

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Juniors tours Sam Houston State University

Tim Vodegel and Denis Kozlovskyy, writers

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The junior class toured Sam Houston State University, SHSU, on Feb. 28th, and were given information on how to apply and how to receive financial aid.
“We started doing this trip about four years ago. Huntsville High School partners with SHSU for a college awareness day. It is designed to help juniors learn not only about Sam Houston but to give information to them about the process of applying to colleges, what FAFSA is and how you receive financial aid, and learning from current college students about real life experiences in college and their perspective of college,” college and career counselor Dawn Shaw said. “I wanted the students to just get some exposure to what it takes to attend college and realize that there are several steps that are involved in making this happen and that they need to do things to prepare for this now. I feel the tour was a success. If I had just one student learn about college and have their eyes opened to what it takes to go, then I feel the trip was worthwhile,” Shaw added.
The tour guide showed all the buildings on campus and spoke about different types of majors and opportunities at SHSU. A group of SHSU students answered questions the juniors had about college life and gave insight on the challenges that students commonly faced.
“I wanted to get a better experience, what college life was like and to see how Sam Houston looks because it’s college I plan to go. I wanted to see what is going on there to learn more about clubs and activities,” junior Demarius Minor said. “I was expecting to learn more about financial aid, what to expect in college, and how it will help me to be a better person. I learned a lot of new stuff because before I didn’t really know what is going on in the college,” Minor said.
The event also gave students information about living on campus and the many opportunities students must work, study and connect through one of many clubs at SHSU.
“I learned a lot of new things during that day: what organizations I can join, how to make new friends and what to expect if I decide to go to this college. The best things about this event is that I was able to meet a lot of new people. This experience was successful for me, because in the end of the day I learned new things about myself and I learned a lot about college as well,” junior Brandon Delphin said.
At the end of the tour the dean spoke about the importance of going to college, but also the importance of having the right intentions of going to college. Students of the university were also excited to share their own experiences to help students make the right decision about the college.  
“From this experience, I wanted the students to take away and learn about all the good things we have to offer here at Sam. We have a lot going on here at Sam with over 260 clubs organized by the students. I personally feel that the tour was a success, the students showed great interest and behavior. Going on tours like this is very helpful for young high school students to understand and learn more about university. The students are able to look behind the scenes of living and going to a university,” Sam Houston junior and tour guide Max Suarez said.

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