Kiya Jones named Outstanding Female Wrestler


Alanna Haywood, writer

On Saturday Feb. 16th, the girls wrestling team won against Houston Northside and became region champions. State qualifier Kiya Jones was named Outstanding Female Wrestler for Region 3, Brandon Townsend was named Region 3 Assistant Coach of the Year, and Timothy Cook was named Coach of the Year.
“I have put in four years to be the best I could be, countless hours in the weight room staying after practice to sure I’m on weight and working out to make sure I’m conditioned,” senior Kiya Jones said.
This would be the third year in a row that Jones made 4th place and able to go on to the state competition. This year was not her first time being awarded with Outstanding Female Wrestler.
“It’s impressive to win the Outstanding Female Wrestler award one year, but to win it two years in a row, and to do it with not allowing a point scored on you in two years, is something special,” Head coach Timothy Cook said.
Cook coached Jones for eight of her matches in the regional tournament.
“In the 8 matches I coached her in the regional tournament she pinned all 8 opponents. She never underestimates anyone and went out there wanting to show she is one of the best in the state,” Cook said.
Timothy Cook was awarded with Coach of the Year and assistant coach Brandon Townsend has awarded with Assistant Coach of the year.
“I was lucky to have Coach Townsend as my assistant this year, not knowing anything about wrestling, but willing to learn and willing to help out where I needed him. Winning Region 3 Assistant Coach of the Year shows what type a person he is and shows what type of coach he strives to be,” Cook said. “It’s a great honor to win Region 3 Coach of the Year, to have all the head coaches vote for you, it says you’re doing a great job.”
A lot of effort was given for the team to become successful, and to get the titles they were awarded
“My coaches and my mom have really helped push myself to become a better wrestler and I’m thankful for the title I received,” Jones said.