Huntsville wins awards with One Act Play

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Huntsville wins awards with One Act Play

Samantha Ray and Alanna Haywood, writers

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One Act Play (OAP) this year was Pygmalion, the story of how a girl in the gutter learns to speak beautifully by a dialects expert. The main characters are Eliza Doolittle, played by Johanna Keithley, and Professor Henry Higgins, played by Benjamin Hall. The first contest was on Fri., March 8th in Montgomery.

“We have improved quite a bit from last year’s OAP. We have an influx of fresh talent and the freshman have experience from middle school. The new talent makes us as a whole stronger,” said senior Dyamond Moseley.

In preparation for contest, the cast of Pygmalion went to four clinics. A clinic is performing a show, then getting critiques on how to improve it. The cast also had all-day performances on Fri., March 1st. This helped not only with timing, but also gave them more practice.

“The clinics were instrumental in impressing upon the cast and crew the importance of knowing who your character is, or what your particular crew assignment is, what your character wants, and how you plan to work to get the things you want,” said assistant director Melissa Miller. “Our first clinic came about three weeks into our rehearsal process, and we were barely off script. The set has evolved, the characters have evolved, the direction of the show has evolved and ultimately we are left with a show that is only a shadow of its infant stage, but which we grow more and more proud of with each little bit we do to make it stronger,” she continued.

At the Zone competition, Huntsville advanced along with two other schools. They also won four awards; Best Technician given to Ii’cia Sykes, Honorable Mention given to Tega Okperuvwe, and All-Star Cast given to Benjamin Hall and Johanna Keithley.

“I am grateful to have received All-Star cast. Receiving these awards let me know that I’m doing something right and this is a good way to end my senior year,” said senior Johanna Keithley.

The District contest was on March 21st in Tomball. They won four awards there as well; Best Technician given to J.R Gonzalez, Honorable Mention given to Tory Joseph and Elijah Marra, and All-Star Cast given to Johanna Keithley.

“I’m still flabbergasted because I didn’t really think that I was going to get an award. I was sitting there like, I’m just gonna wait until the end of results. But I’m proud,” said freshman Tory Joseph.

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