Choir prepares for UIL contest


Alanna Haywood, writer

Choir chorale students performed their Pre-UIL concert on Mon. April 16th, directed by James Dorr at Faith Lutheran Church.

“This was a pre-UIL concert for chorale, we learned three pieces for memory that we’re taking to contest. I absolutely think that everyone has improved since we started learning these pieces,” director James Dorr said.

Students this year practiced and sang throughout the year in preparation for UIL contest on Thurs. April 25th held at Willis High School.

“I’ve enjoyed this year of choir and having this concert to finish out the year. I’ve felt that myself and everyone else has improved so much and it makes me happy to see where we are for our UIL contest,” freshman Gracie Cutler said.

Throughout the year as students worked to improve, they learned new skills and found better ways to work with each other.

“Our pre-UIL concert went way better than I expected, we were a lot more prepared than I thought. We learned to work and listen to each other more to improve ourselves,” senior Rebecca Alford said.

With promising scores from pre-UIL contest, choir students feel prepared for contest. They plan to take the feedback they received to make changes to the performance as needed.

“The clinician gave us tips that we never thought about, and it really helped us as we were in a different space as well,” senior Keicin Lee said.

Choice of space and clinician can give the students a much better view of areas in need of improvement. They loot for small changes to give the maximum improvement that can be made effectively in a small-time frame.

“We chose to sing at a church because of the acoustics, because they’re different than our room or auditorium. At contest we’ll be in a space that we’ve never sang there before so this was good practice for us,” Dorr said. “We had a guest clinician who came and gave us some pointers and things to work on. One of the things he did was move people around to create a more even sound.”