Author Erica Sanchez visits Huntsville High students


Rebecca Cade, writer

Erica Sanchez, author of ‘I Am Not Your Perfect Mexican Daughter’, held a book signing on April 15th at Huntsville High School in the auditorium. Sanchez presented her book and answered questions to freshmen and sophomores throughout the period.

“The book signing was really great,” Sanchez said. “I love speaking to young people, I love their energy and I love their very honest questions and it’s always a joy to interact with people that love the book.”

Sanchez has been touring around schools in the United States since October 2017, when her book was released.

“It was inspiring to watch an author of Mexican descent talk about young Latinas of color breaking barriers in society and people of higher powers. We also don’t get that kind of representation in books, so I’m excited to read about it in her book,” freshman Amber Mancia said.

High school students received the book last week as a partnership with Sam Houston State University’s National Book Awards program.

“I really appreciated the donation of the books, not a lot of people read anymore so I thought it was really cool to find myself in a character in a novel that was a National Book Award finalist,” freshman Claudia Garcia said.

The focus of the book was Hispanic, and many of the students found the cultural awareness for that book more relatable to their own lives.

“I found the book very relatable to past experiences and it was nice to have something to relate to,” sophomore Eván Tijerina said.

Some students not only related to the author but were inspired to move into similar areas as they progress in their own educational career.

“It was interesting to see a person that actually had the wits to go into it, this motivated me want to pursue the same path as well,” sophomore Tega Oktuperuvwe said.