Theatre department holds first annual 24-hour play festival


Alanna Haywood, writer

On Sat. April 27th students performed the 24 Hour Play Festival with the help of teachers and community members from the district. On Fri. April 26 students auditioned and playwrights began writing their plays.

“I decided that we should do this because I thought it would be a good experience for the students. It is a hard to put on a play, even under the best circumstances, but trying to put one on in 24 hours really makes everyone come together and make the best of it. Not everything will go perfectly, but it’s important to come out with the best result you can,” theatre teacher Velvia Keithley said.

Teachers and volunteers from the community participated by writing original plays or directing them. The playwrights decided what their plays would be based on a prop they chose, and they oversaw picking their cast.

“This was all new to me and it was pretty intense. I learned a lot and realized that it takes a lot of work to write a play that people are going to come watch. The end result wasn’t what I envisioned, but it came out spectacular,” English teacher Amy Langley said.

For some students, this was an opportunity to try out theatre and learn new skills. All students worked non-stop until the productions were completely solid.

“I thought the opportunity was pretty neat, because it was my first time acting. It was fun, even though it was stressful, and through this I even got to meet new people. It was nice to see everyone who came to watch our work,” junior Vivian Kremer said.

This was a new environment for theatre students, typically because shows take months to rehearse and put together.

“I would definitely participate again. The part I enjoyed the most was the pressure of having a limited time to put together a show and make it presentable,” sophomore Camily Toscano said.

Several awards were given at the festival. Best supporting actress given to Rebecca Cade; Best supporting actor to Seth Brown; Best actress to Dyamond Mosely; and Best actor to Elijah Marra.

“This is something that I would like to do annually. I had so many people come up to me who were interested in being judges, directors, and playwrights next year. I will be glad if this is something we continue to do,” Keithley said.