Future Farmers of America competes in Career Development Events Competition

Laila Diaz and Rebecca Cade, writers

On Tues., Apr. 16th, the Future Farmers of America, FFA, teams competed in the yearly. Career Development Events, CDEs, focuses on competitions to help increase agricultural problem-solving skills in real life. The competition was held at the Sam Houston State University campus and its participants were all area 9 schools; Livingston, Madisonville, New Waverly, Lovelady, Crockett and Huntsville.

“Going into competition day, I thought our wool team was a pretty strong team because we’ve been going to many practice contests, we went to state last year and had two state qualifiers return this year. I also felt strongly about Mr. Goins Horse team, they went to state last year as well with all four state qualifiers returning,” agriculture and animal science teacher Misty Kyle said.

Three out of 6 teams advanced to state; the wool judging team, horse team and the poultry team will be competing for the chance to compete in nationals.

“Throughout all the teams our students put in a lot of time after and before school practicing for the different contests that were leading up. The time we spent practicing and going to practice competitions helped improve our performance during the actual competition,” Kyle explained.

Huntsville contributed 6 teams; Horse Judging, Poultry Judging, Floriculture, Wool, Dairy Cattle and Livestock Judging and 24 participates. A total of 669 students in total took part in this event.

Senior Celeste Snell was the highest individual in horse judging in area. Horse judging an evaluation and confirmation of the maneuvers of the different horses.

“I’ve been horse judging for 6 years now, I got top 20 overall and our team placed third in state” Snell said. “We practiced every week once a week after school since school started because most of the people on our team knew the ropes.”

The wool team was first to advance to state and junior Bailey Lamb was the highest ranked individual in the wool team.

“I started competing last year and I learned a whole lot,” Lamb said. “This year we practiced two times a week on Tuesdays and Thursdays since January.”

CDE focuses on many competitions to help increase agricultural problem-solving skills in real life. Just one simple CDE skill can help prepare for an agricultural career for a lifetime

“FFA has been a big part of me theses past two years,” junior Alexis Holl said. “I’ve been a part of the green hand quiz team and the wool judging team. My favorite part about this organization is that I will have forever lifelong friends and going to state for wool judging.”