Science club sparks interest in the new school year


From left to right, junior Cason Moorman, senior Caden Mahlen, senior Addison Aden, senior Eric Garcia, senior Molly Hall, and junior Katherine Henke gather to create geode eggs on the first meeting of Science Club.

Rebecca Cade, Editor

The high school’s science and recycle club held their first meeting on Sept. 11th. Science club is all about conducting lab experiments without the academic work, and recycle club helps pick up paper teachers collect throughout the school and takes it to a recycling center.

“I’ve been in science club since my sophomore year,” senior Evelyn Williams said. “I’m expecting to do more experiments and more exciting things this year. It’s been really fun doing lab experiments and exploring cool things.” 

Science club meets every first Wednesday of the month during C and D lunches, while Recycle club meets on the last Wednesday of the month. 

“I don’t really know much about science club and recycle club, but I know people have always hyped it up so I thought for my senior year I should go ahead and join,” senior Connor Broadway said. “I can’t wait to do lab experiments with my friends and not have to worry about any lab reports.”

At the first meeting, science club made geodes out of eggs, and students chose a color and poured a borax mixture into the egg to create a crystal.

“I’ve heard of the activities that go on in science club and it has been in my interest to join,” senior Brooklyn Navasard said. “Now that I’m in this classroom during advocate, I decided to join because I knew I‘d have a lot of fun.” 

Cindy Gallen, Science and Recycle club adviser, is on her 15th year of teaching, and teaches physics to juniors and seniors. 

“I’m super excited about science club this year,” Gallen said. “We have a new president, we will be designing new shirts and conducting new labs and recycling for the community.”

With an entire year ahead of them, the students can’t wait for what new lab experiments, events, and parties will be headed their way.

“I definitely want to do it next year,” junior Cason Mormon said. “When I was a freshman, I remember a lot of people made it out to be a lot of fun, I was never in the right advocate period to participate so now that I’m able to join I’m pretty excited to do crazy science stuff all year.”