Teens for Christ meet every Tuesday


Samantha Ray

Teens for Christ has posters hanging around school, as well as hand-made ones to inform students about the club. “The benefits are spiritual growth for the individual, comradery or friendship among those that are members of it, and the opportunity to do some fun things that help other people as well,” teacher Kyle Cox said.

Samantha Ray and Jaliyah Haywood

Teens for Christ is a club dedicated to teaching students about Christianity. This is their first year being run by teacher Kyle Cox, and they meet after school on Tuesdays in room 1606 from 3:45 to 4:45.

“Here in Huntsville I was asked to be the sponsor of it, but even before that I’ve always had an interest in that, even as a high school student myself. I started a similar organization in the school where I went, so it was natural when I started teaching here, that I would like to see the same thing happen here,” teacher Kyle Cox said.

There are many Teens for Christ organizations, located at different schools. This is to encourage students to discover their faith or strengthen it.

“I joined Teens for Christ so I could worship him in and outside of school, and I encourage everybody to come. It’s a great group of people and we welcome everyone,” sophomore Jasmine Walker said.

The club accepts anybody who attends Huntsville High School, including teachers and staff. Teens for Christ was at the high school years before, but was brought back this year to reconnect Christian students with their faith.

“I joined mainly because I love Jesus and there needs to be an outlet for people that like to show their faith in school. It’s fun to be around other people who believe the same thing as you,” sophomore Tabitha Kungu said.

Many students attend different youth groups like Teens for Christ along with other religious groups outside of school at churches around Huntsville.

“The closest I have come to being in an organization like this before is my youth group at my church. We study the bible and help those who need it. One can gain the feeling of not being alone because in our meetings because we are all Christians and support each other’s beliefs, no matter what other people say,” freshman Roxanne Crocker said.