Students take PSAT at Huntsville High


Samantha Ray, Writer

The high school’s freshmen and juniors took the Preliminary Scholastic Aptitude Test, PSAT, last Wed. Oct. 16th, almost 300 students participated.
“The PSAT is a great opportunity for students to see what it is like to take a college entrance exam and to see how they would score on it for a fraction of the price. The PSAT test consists of Reading, Writing and Language, Math without a calculator, and Math with a calculator,” testing coordinator Leah Strickland said.
One hundred eighty-eight freshmen and one hundred ten juniors took the PSAT.
“I took the PSAT to see what colleges would want me after they saw my score, what would stand out about me, and what I would have a good chance of getting into,” junior Angela Kyser said.
The PSAT is used to prepare students for the Scholastic Assessment Test, SAT, which is required to get into college. Taking the PSAT increases the likelihood of a better score on the SAT.
“I felt like I needed to be prepared for the actual SAT and ACT. I thought it was the best way for me to get prepared for it,” junior Mackenzie Hall said.
This year is a little different because all sophomores who pay for the PSAT will also take it in the spring. On Apr. 14th, 2020, sophomores will take the PSAT, along with the same freshmen, who will retest.
“I know that the SAT is really important, and my mom has been pressuring me about it. I know that if I do get good scores, it could help with college. Being me, not knowing necessarily where I want to go in life or what I want to do, it’s good to have that backup plan and something there that I know is secure for me,” junior Khiyah Williams.
Since the PSAT was required for the freshmen to take, they didn’t have to pay for it.
“I took the PSAT because I am a student in advanced classes and the administrators said that students in advanced classes are required to take the PSAT. I went through most of the study guide and I didn’t do all the practice tests, but then I knew what it looked like,” freshman Seth Brown said.