Students launch homemade catapults

Jaliyah Haywood, Writer

On Friday Nov. 2nd the pre-AP physics classes launched homemade catapults. The main purpose of the project was for students to use their knowledge of projectile motion to help guide their structure.
“We have students that are amazing test takers and some that are amazing at building items. I like to help the strength of all my students and give everyone a chance to show what they know, and I truly feel that students are extremely successful, even if their catapult doesn’t hit the bull’s eye,” physics teacher Cindy Gallen said.
The goal of the project was to launch a ball over a wall and hit a bullseye. Students were given three tries to hit it for a better overall project grade.
“I am very proud of myself and my partner for putting forth the effort and time into making our catapult even though I was unsure of our catapult. I’m so happy we were able to hit the bullseye all three times,” junior Benjamin Hall said.
Physics teachers Cindy Gallen and Kimberly Theisen taught their students about projectile motion in order to create successful catapults. The catapult project has been a tradition in their classes for the past 10 years.
“I was very happy with how I performed I used different things in my project like pep pipe and rubber bands and I really hope that one day I’ll be able to use this tactic in the future,” junior Marvin Ochoa said.
The catapults were made from many materials such as PVC pipe, wood, popsicle sticks, and even a tree. The catapults range from small to large, with varying amounts of power.