Theatre contributes to spooky Halloween


Samantha Ray

Sophomore Evelyn Grimaldo and senior Destyne Castilla prepare for the haunted tour to open. “I was a one of the crazies. We had it laid out to where a group of us were in a cage and we did a lot of jumpscares. I did it last year and it was very fun, and being a senior this would’ve been my last time doing it,” senior Destyne Castilla said.

Samantha Ray, Writer

For the second year in a row, the high school’s Thespian Society hosted a haunted house tour at Walker County Fairgrounds on Halloween. The haunted house helps to promote the theatre department and gives students something safe to do on Halloween.
“I wanted to do the haunted house because I didn’t have anything to do on Halloween and I like being a part of the theatre program. I really thought it was something fun and worthwhile to put my time into,” sophomore Caroline Scott said.
This year’s haunted house theme was mental asylum, the same as last year. This year’s rooms had a doctor and a patient, a nun, a surgery room, a girl with dolls, a cemetery, and ended with the group getting chased out by a clown.
“I was extremely cold but seeing people older than me run away from me screaming made it worth it,” junior Madison Kyle said.
The event lasted from 5 to 9 pm, and the crowds grew bigger as the night went on. Many students chose to participate for all four hours instead of two.
“I laid on a bench and pretended to be dead, then later got up. All around it was fun. I had a great time, everyone was really nice,” sophomore Tyler Hobbes said.
The haunted house had different levels of terror depending on the age group that entered. The older the group, the scarier the tour was.
“I kind of did what I wanted, I showed up in one part of the place and then moved to another part and walked around the maze for a while,” junior Benjamin Hall said. “Not much has changed, it was the same idea, space, and sections, just different people.”